Create your digital ecosystem to connect your network with your suppliers. Simplify exchanges and increase your revenues by limiting risk and investment!

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Do you work in a Central Purchasing Office for a Retailer ? 
> Offer more choice to your points of sale and simplify your internal management processes.

With ProcSea Marketplace, you benefit from an easy-to-use technical infrastructure to diversify your activity. Did you identify some opportunities to have but it is complex to build an internal organisation? Create your own digital platform to connect directly sellers and buyers and the software will do the rest (management of commercial transactions, etc). With our experience as a former B2B MarketPlace operator, our technical team will support and advise you to develop your project.

Connect all suppliers and buyers of your industry.

Are you interested in creating a marketplace with your expectations? Let's build it together! ProcSea Marketplace allows you to create your platform according to your criteria and requirements. Follow the evolution of your performances in real time with dynamic and personalised dashboards from the ProcSea Data Center. Many innovative functionalities could be easily available to your users to make their life easier.

Set the rules and follow the results in real time.

Do you work for a wholesaler or fishmonger?
>  Boost your business and develop your turnover without stock management!

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Automate and control your network's transactions.

Benefit from an integrated marketplace solution, used for 4 years by many professionals in the seafood industry. You have now access to many functionalities to optimise and digitalise all transactions and exchanges between your suppliers and your points of sale: order form, invoice, pick-up order, delivery note, forwarding agent summary, and even the management of your disputes, everything is automated! Save time and money for everyone!

Gather all your suppliers' offers in a single platform.

With ProcSea Marketplace, you get an innovative technical platform that allows you to connect directly your suppliers with your distribution network. Centralise management rules and free yourself from administrative tasks. Let your suppliers update their commercial offers themselves, your outlets make their purchases, in total autonomy and in accordance with your expectation. A simple and easy way!