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Access your suppliers' stocks online and automate your administrative tasks with ProcSea Buy software, designed to help you to optimise your purchasing processes. 

​A secure platform for companies
which want to optimise their costs.


​Wholesalers, fishmongers and retailers have already optimised their purchasing processes with ProcSea Buy.
It could be you ?

Create your online product catalogue et develop your business.


Create your own online marketplace platform and set your own rules.


Find out our products.

With ProcSea Buy,  you can create a personalised and secure technical platform with all your suppliers' offers. In one click, access in real-time to their stocks and prices. Simple and effective ! 

Create your own ecosystem and customize it.

​Find, compare and buy. It has never been easier to place a multi-product and multi-seller order!

With ProcSea Buy, functionalities adapted to your needs are available: last minute, recurring or large orders? Everything is designed to save you time and reduce your costs.

Simplify your purchases and increase your margins.

Spending time on repetitive administrative tasks? It's over. ProcSea Buy enables you to automate all your documentation and information flows with your partners: purchase order, invoice, pick-up order, delivery note, summary, and even your litigation management!

Save time and automate your processes. 

With ProcSea Data Center, follow your dashboards to monitor your orders, expenses and performance. Set your objectives and monitor them in real time. Make the right decisions by checking your purchase prices and transport costs.

Manage your business through data analysis.

​Buy in full transparency! From the origin, to the fishing port through the quality label, ProcSea Buy  gives you the opportunity to access to all traceability information. Are sustainable pratices important for you ? Configure your platform according to your requirements. Only eligible products will be on sale. You fix the rules!

Add your product specifications.

Better than words, try it!
Discover our software in 15 minutes.

Our offices


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Avenue d'Ouchy
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