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The supply chain faces many challenges.

  • Externally: demanding logistics, high price volatility, permanent stock-outs, restrictive regulations, repeated health, economic and climatic crises.

  • Internally: very tight margins, manual and repetitive processes with little added value, heterogeneous product references, partial product traceability, ageing IT systems, unusable data.

The challenges of the agri-food sector.

Trade in fresh food is very complex.

Both local and international, these exchanges must also adapt to the changing modes and practices of consumers, who are looking for quality, healthy and sustainable products. It is therefore the entire supply chain that must reinvent itself to meet the challenges of tomorrow:

  • How to feed humanity while preserving agricultural and fisheries resources and their environment?

  • How to fight against food waste and food losses during the production and distribution process?


  • How can we make this entire chain sustainable, responsible and transparent to guarantee maximum food safety?


  • Why does such a global and vital industry not share the same language and standards?

At ProcSea, we believe that technology is the key to meeting these challenges. Simplifying the flow of information (from production to distribution) will enable the fresh produce industry to succeed in its transformation.

Our vision.

We believe in making the entire market more fluid through the exchange of standardised IT data and the automation of purchasing and sales processes. We believe in a world in which information systems are connected, intelligent, dynamic, secure, collaborative and bring value to human relationships.

Standardise data exchange.



Equip actors with modern technology.


Improve product traceability.

Our objectives.

The highlights of our history.

  • September 2016: launch in Lausanne (Switzerland) by our two co-founders, Renaud Enjalbert and Florian Dhaisne, of our technological platform in the form of a B2B marketplace specialising in seafood. A first in Europe.

  • January 2017: opening of our 2nd office in Rennes (France)

  • April 2017: our 2nd round of funding (€2.5 million) to finance our development

  • October 2019: 2 years later, our 3rd round of funding (€6.5 million)

  • September 2020: we are the winner of the i-Nov BPI France Innovation Contest

  • Since 1 January 2021: after 4 years as a marketplace operator (+1,500 buyers and +200 fishmongers, producers and processors digitalised), we are changing course to accelerate our development and our commitment to the industry! Launch of our SaaS software solution for the fresh food industry (Central purchasing Department, supermarkets, wholesalers)

  • April 2021: we join the very select 6th promotion of the startup accelerator

  • July 2021: we forge strategic links with key players in the industry: France Agrimer, Mr.Goodfish, Aquimer, NumAlim, Valorial, TechinFab...

  • June 2022: The Mytilimer Group chooses Procsea to be its technology platform. 

  • September 2022: A quarter marked by the integration of new customers such as Bell Seafood, our deployment on the fruit and vegetable vertical, the signing of new partnerships such as GS1 France and France Digitale


Life at ProcSea.

To be at ProcSea is to be part of a united and committed team, working to meet the technical challenges of our clients. We love challenges! Transparency, benevolence and trust are values strongly anchored in our corporate culture and supported by our two co-founders and childhood friends, Renaud and Florian. All our employees are proactive and contribute positively to the development of our company and reinvent the way we do things.

And when we're not coding, testing, or supporting and advising our customers, we like to get together around a barbecue (when the weather is nice in Brittany) for a game of pétanque and, even remotely, to do yoga or poker sessions...


Any excuse is good enough to get together!


Employees mobilised to support our customers.


Technical experts (developers, product owners, UX/UI designers) to bring to life the demands imagined by our clients.


Agile for the management of our projects.

To provide the Fresh Produce industry with effective tools to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our mission.

Better than words, try it!
Discover our software in 15 minutes.

Our offices


4 rue Jean Lemaistre

35000 Rennes

+33 2 30 96 44 42


Avenue d'Ouchy
41006 Lausanne

+41 21 519 05 39

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